Tuesday, July 02, 2013

News at Eleven: Why would she sell all of her mother's

[Sylvia Plath's] artwork? "It was a decision I didn't come to easily, but I'd had an awfully long time to come to that decision," said Frieda [Hughes]. "People start shedding as they get older. There's always been a joke--well, it's not so much a joke--people have always said, "Along when you hit 50, you start getting rid of things. There is a certain truth about that. Also, I didn't have children. If I had, to be honest, I probably would have hung onto them and left them for the children. So there are certain aspects of being without family that we consider in a different way."

from Time: Sylvia Plath's Daughter on a Remarkable Trove of Her Mother's Drawings


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