Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Poetic Obituaries: [Holly Kimball] relished the roles of scholar, poet,

educator, child advocate and interior decorator, and she had a penchant for progressive politics and charitable activism.

"Cast a net to mesh the dreams, quick before they sink and slide, and settle on the ocean bed, where unknown impulses hide," Kimball wrote in a metaphorical poem about seashells.

Her daughter said she was unaware of Kimball's literary talent for many years but eventually published a small book of her mother's poetry.

"After she died, I found myself sorting through her personal notes, and even in the middle of a shopping list, she'd break out in a haiku," her daughter said. "That's how meaningful poetry was to her."

from Orlando Sentinel: Holly Kimball: Her long life was one of poetry in action


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