Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 17th forum announcement

Dear Poetry Aficionados,

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We have Iran abducting two Azeri poets, and China abducting two Tibetan writers. These stories headline for us this week. They are followed in News at Eleven by links to nine more stories selected for importance and quality. In other words, it was a tough week to eliminate articles to get down to eleven. These eleven are the select.

In our Great Regulars section, these regulars are great again. Isn't Alison Flood becoming a premier reporter for all things poetry--and thats' not all she writes about for the Guardian newspaper. Speaking of premier, Adam Kirsch brings us a wonderful article on M.H. Abrams. Please read. And these are just two of the Great Regulars. Also in that section, we have more poems than usual. For instance, the Granta and Zeek links will bring you to multiple poems.

Congratulations! to poets and boards who placed in May's IBPC contest. And a big Thanks! once again to our remarkable springtime judge Shara McCallum. Here are the poems, with her commentary:

1st place: Dry season by Judy Kaber of The Waters Poetry Workshop
2nd place: Front Range by Steve Meador of FreeWrights Peer Review
3rd place (tie): Perfect by Hugh Anderson of Desert Moon Review
3rd place (tie): Stormland by Fred Longworth of PenShells

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