Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Poetic Obituaries: Yet when I read last year's Best Australian Poems,

I was struck by [Peter] Steele's poem 'The Knowledge'. In its gentle gathering of worldly phenomena and its almost serenely contemplative mood, I felt that this poem distilled so much of what I loved about him as a poet. I read it and thought: 'He has written the poem'--that is, the poem that, for me, most simply represented his poetic voice and concerns. Ever questioning that knowledge which was his life's quest, the poem ends 'No end of wisdom: but what does a frog/in a well know of the waiting ocean?' The ocean had not been squandered.

from Australian Book Review: Remembering Peter Steele
then Blue Eyed Ennis: Tribute to Peter Steele SJ Poet and Priest


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