Tuesday, June 11, 2013

News at Eleven: Many of the poems in Schtick delve

into this history that is all too often glossed over. Coval reminds us that anti-Semitism still pokes its way into a supposedly liberal Hollywood--a whole section of the book is dedicated to dissecting the walking crime against filmmaking that is Mel Gibson. [Kevin] Coval reminds us how popes have connections with fascists and war criminals, and of the racist, union-busting Henry Ford's admiration for Adolf Hitler.

All of this provides background for Coval's portrayals of his own struggles and the fight for Palestinian liberation today. "For the first time I think in the history of Jews, we're able to become full-fledged white people," he says.

from The Electronic Intifada: Poet Kevin Coval: young Jews should stand with Palestine


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