Tuesday, November 27, 2007

November 27th forum announcement

Dear Poetry Aficionados,

Poetry & Poets in Rags

There is a battle for our freedom of expression taking place across the globe. In the first article we link to, Wu Qiang has been arrested for carrying an illegal book of poetry into China. His whereabouts are unknown.

In our second link, in a co-headliner, women's rights activist and poet Taslima Nasrin (pictured above) has been move to Delhi for her safety. There is a fatwa against her, which means vicious world-criminal clerics, falsely posing in their roles as religious authorities, have placed money on her head, and are causing her holy hell.

In our third article, Gao Qinsheng, Shi Tao's mother, confronts the chief executive officer of Yahoo! about his apology for helping send her innocent poet son (pictured above) to Chinese jail for 10 damn years. Note, at the blog, there is a video up that reveals Yahoo!'s attitude toward Shi Tao's plight.

Our fourth article is about Samina Malik, the "lyrical terrorist" who has been jailed in Great Britain after her poetry made Scotland Yard suspicious that she may yet abet an act of terrorism. Jailed for being a suspect in an uncommitted terrorist act.

There is also background video at the blog on Samina and Taslima at their respective posts. I call them here by their first names, to be sure they are humanized in the relating of events, that you view them as sisters and daughters.

What can you do to help these people and the cause of poetic license and freedom? In the case of China, be prepared to Boycott next summer's Beijing Olympics. Shi Tao's plight is often associated with this cause. Watch Yahoo!'s behavior and be alert to boycott them as well. They are feeling like profits cannot be affected by their actions. Wu Qiang's plight is too new, but be prepared to inject his name into the Beijing boycott terms.

In August, Clattery Machinery on Poetry called upon writers to pen articles in support of Taslima Nasrin, starter references and pictures supplied: Taslima Nasreen: Women’s Rights vs the Holy Hell.

At that site, there is also an urgent call as Samina Malik awaits sentencing: World Samina Malik Day December 6th. Please do what you can, while we still may.

Of course, there is much more to read than this. There are 45 other important articles on other poetry and poets.


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