Tuesday, June 30, 2009

News at Eleven: Although Matt Simpson, who has died

aged 73, was never one of the Liverpool poets, the city is at the heart of nearly all his work, from his first full collection, Making Arrangements (1982), through An Elegy for the Galosherman: New and Selected Poems (1990), Catching Up With History (1995) and Getting There (2001) to In Deep (2006). Only one collection is different. In 1994 Simpson spent some months as writer-in-residence to Arts Tasmania. Intrigued by the journal kept by an earlier visitor to Tasmania, the 19th-century migrant Louisa Meredith, he produced, in Cutting the Clouds Towards (1998), a collection full of his quirky, humorously exact understanding of the worth of ordinary lives.

from The Guardian: Matt Simpson


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Angela Topping said...

I miss him everday. He was one of my best friends, and deserves to be better known.