Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 13th forum announcement

Dear Poetry Aficionados,

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If he were still alive, Canadian poet Irving Layton, who died in 2006, would have turned 100 yesterday. We begin News at Eleven with links to two articles that reflect on his continued relevancy. On our Back Page, the eleventh story of News at Eleven, poet Tsering Woeser, who headlined last week for being under house arrest, is back in the news, calling for the end to protest by self-immolation. In between are links to quite a variety of articles on poets and poetry, including some poems. Speaking of which, you'll find poetry gems in the next section, Great Regulars. Poet John Burnside, who like Woeser also appeared last week, appears in both News at Eleven with a link to another interview of him, and in Great Regulars with a poem.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there. Just wanted to let you know your blog really sucks and you should shut it down. Stick to your day job, man.

Just kidding. That wass just to give you a sense of why you got a cold reception at evolutionblog. That's essentially how you started off your participation on that blog. Obviously no regular readers were going to be on your side at that point for the same reasons you probably weren't particularly happy to read this comment.

Hope this has been informative but I suspect you're the type of hypocrite who is completely blind to criticism when he is (you are) the one perpetrating it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, if you're really pissed about that previous comment and need to respond you can email me at guyincognitozz@aol.com.

Rus Bowden said...

Hi Anonymous,

I told Jason to go back to math, because his blog article was horribly insulting. There's no kind way to put it. He shamed his PhD school, and here I won't even mention which one it is.

Even though the rest of you commetners cannot take the feedback, I hope Jason can, and smartens up. There is no excuse for the type of blog article he put up, slamming one of the finest writers in the world. And that's the doubly bad thing about what he did. He wrote a terrible article with insults instead of argument, in order to point out how bad a really good article was.

Now, what I said there fell on deaf ears, so you come into my blog, a poetry blog, and go off topic, to tell me what I was trying to put across to Jason. That's the type of dead-end thinking that caused me to leave.