Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 20th forum announcement

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The first article we link to begins with this sentence: "Using her career as a molecular biologist as a starting point, Katherine Larson shapes her poems with descriptions of squid, suction cups and branchial hearts." That link is to an interview that PBS Newhour's Gwen Ifill did with Larson. Embedded in the article's page is Larson reading her remarkable poetry.

That's the first of dozens of interesting articles on poets and poetry this week. The second link, for instance, is to an interview of Alice Walker. Later in News at Eleven, a teacher tells an African-American student, the only one in the class, to read a Langston Hughes poem "blacker".

As always, the next section, Great Regulars, is filled with articles and poetry from our Great Regulars. And our final section, Poetic Obituaries has some important names in poetry this week. I'll let you get to your reading.

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