Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 27 forum announcement

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We begin this week with Bei Ling rightfully charging that the London Book Fair has failed to invite Chinese writers in exile. Yet the focus of the event is on Chinese writers. Susan Nicklin of the British Council countered Bei Ling saying that the programme "was intended for people living and writing in China." (Well, Susan, they would be if they weren't in exile, and if China did not arrest and threaten its most open-minded writers, an imperative for any writer worth his or her salt.) So really, this year's program is on Chinese writers who kowtow to Chinese authorities, is run by a British organization which does the same, and will be attended by those who do the same as well.

We have many more stories from around the world on poets and poetry, and lots of fine poems. As always we have three sections of articles, News at Eleven, Great Regulars, and Poetic Obituaries. Lots of good reading, lots of important news.

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