Tuesday, March 13, 2012

News at Eleven: "What drove them to fight

with such a fury?" the narrator asks as he begins the tale. "Oh . . . the gods, of course . . . . Um . . . pride, honor, jealousy . . . Aphrodite . . . some game or other, an apple, Helen being more beautiful than somebody--it doesn't matter. The point is, Helen's been stolen, and the Greeks have to get her back."

That's the overriding tone: chatty, informal, occasionally spiced by digressions that, echoing Homer's brilliant use of simile, seek humble parallels in contemporary life to the passions that inflamed the Greeks and Trojans.

from The New York Times: Troy . . . um, War . . . You Know
then The Independent: Verse that lasts in Troy or Tripoli


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