Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 29th forum announcement

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What about economics and poetry? Politics and poetry mix in our news items most weeks, certainly this week. But for this issue, a little serendipity took place. I met an economics major from the most economically free city on earth, Singapore. Joel is studying at BU, and told me that he wants to be a litigation attorney, advocating for people's rights. I mentioned how I have this column, and how one of the best measures of freedom in a country is how poets are left to write, even bad poetry, without fear of imprisonment, something even the UK and USA fail at. He asked for a link.

After that conversation, economy took over the news in poetry. In our lead article, Terry Glavin questions (to put it mildly) Canada's economic stance with China, and leads (as we do now) with the case of imprisoned poet Zhu Yufu. Our second story has Günter Grass once again making the news, this time writing a poem about Europe's economic treatment of Greece.

We have many more stories, and many poems we link to in this issue. I leave them to your discovery.

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