Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Poetic Obituaries: Janey Antoniou was a musician, artist, writer,

singer, award-winning poet and scientist. Exuberant and fun-loving, she left "a big footprint", said one friend. She also lived for much of her adult life hearing up to seven damning voices telling her she was evil, unclean and should cut or kill herself.

At the age of 30, after treatment for depression, Janey was given a diagnosis of schizophrenia. Twenty-three years later, on 23 October 2010, some time after 6.30am, she died alone in her room on Eastlake ward in Northwick Park hospital, Harrow, north London. She was 53.

from The Guardian: Janey Antoniou: 'She was a person, not a diagnosis'
then The Guardian: Campaign calls for open investigations into deaths of mental health patients


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