Tuesday, May 15, 2012

News at Eleven: Javier Sicilia: [translated] It's an absurd war.

Drugs are not a national security issue, they are a health, public health issue. Turning that, turning a health public issue into a national security issue has created a war, an absurd war that has killed many people, like 60,000 dead, and we don't even know how many disappeared people, 250,000 displaced people, 8,000 orphans, and a divided country and obliterated. And the use of drugs, illegal drugs, in the United States has not [gone] down in any sense.

from Democracy Now: Mexican Poet Javier Sicilia Leads U.S. Peace Caravan to Expose Drug War's Human Toll
then Democracy Now: Stop the Drug War: Mexican Poet Javier Sicilia Condemns U.S. Role in Widening Drug Violence


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