Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Great Regulars: This year we're looking for your suggestions for

the fragments of literature which will be literally part of the furniture in Charlotte Square Gardens come August. The only stipulations are that the quotations should be taken from the work of an author appearing at the festival (we've pulled out some of the major names below, but check the programme for a full list of attendees), and that they should be between five and 15 words long.

from Sarah Crown: The Guardian: Books Festival deckchairs: send us your quotations


Alas, Fifty Shades of Grey is as erotic as wet wool; as Polyfilla. Attempting to wring any sort of charge from the antics of a heroine who makes endless, teeth-grinding reference to her "inner goddess", or from a description of sexual congress in which ascension to pleasure's giddy peaks is conveyed by the sentence 'Ah!' I groan.' is impossible. The writing is so intrusively awful that the mind rebels against it.

from Sarah Crown: The Guardian: Fifty Shades of Grey: unerotic but savvy


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