Tuesday, February 28, 2012

News at Eleven: Bill Moyers: After your diagnosis,

you went back to West Texas where you'd grown up, right? Is West Texas still the country of your heart?

Christian Wiman: Absolutely. It's the place that I return to in my imagination. And I find that nothing will take fire, except that landscape. Well, in places, it's just completely flat, so that you see all the way to the horizon. It's like the sky becomes this huge eye that's over you, just 'cause it takes on a curve from horizon to horizon. In other places, it's ranch land, and so it's cattle country. And so there are scrubs, scrub cedar and mesquite trees. And so it's incredibly rugged. The wind blows. We used to have these tremendous sand storms, where everything would just go dark.

from Poet Christian Wiman on Love, Faith, and Cancer
from Harvard Divinity School: By Love We Are Led to God


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