Tuesday, February 21, 2012

News at Eleven: Though these poems [by Brian Barker] range

in topic from the personal ("Dragging Canoe Vanishes from the Bear Pit into the Endless Clucking of the Gods") to the overtly political ("Gorbachev's Ubi Sunt from the Future That Soon Will Pass") they never sacrifice thought for quality and design. Each poem is meticulously layered, often alternating specific details with the incorporeal: A feeble Ronald Reagan "feels the white room/stuccoed behind his smile," in "Silent Montage with Late Reagan in Black and White." "When the light at dusk filters through" the curtains, Reagan "feels like his head is lit by a pot of boiling milk." The poem closes with staggering beauty--

from The Dallas Morning News: Poetry review: Lauren Berry, Brian Barker and Charles Wright


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