Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day forum announcement

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Happy Valentine's Day! Oh, and do we have love poetry from everywhere in the world this week. In News at Eleven, our third item is really a clutch of links to favorite love poems. In Great Regulars, you can find love poetry brought to us by Fleda Brown, a discussion of it by David Orr, a Valentine's Day discussion by Carol Rumens of a poem by Ruth Fainlight, a love poem matched by Katherine Schulten with the science light show of fireflies. Amid this poetic potion, that includes Shakespeare and Rita Dove, the Weekend Poem from Huffington Post is 'The Garden Of Love' by William Blake.

Besides these works of love, we have other news, and again, from all over the globe, on poetry and poets. To note, the last few articles in News at Eleven are hard critiques. So it's not all lubby dubby. But let's begin with our first item of the day, and the week, love poems from Donald Hall, whose marriage to Jane Kenyon stands as one of the great loves in poetry that brought about great poetry. And that's not all from Donald Hall. He's got a hard critique himself for someone who talked baby talk to him. And our second item? Another poetry pair of love, whose letters are making it to the web.

January's IBPC contest results are up. Heartfelt thanks to our new judge for these Winter months, John Timpane. Congratulations to the winning poets, and the boards where they workshop!:

1st Place: A Bedtime Story, by Terreson, of Delectable Mnts

2nd Place(tie): Hardwood Autumn, by Allen M. Weber, of Muse Motel

2nd Place(tie): Matryoshka, by Brenda Levy Tate, of PenShells

3rd Place: The Cantu Series, by Zeke E. Sanchez, of Delectable Mnts

HM: You may misunderstand, by Cherryl E. Garner, of criticalpoet.net

HM: In the Night Still Dark, by Jim Zola, of The Waters Poetry Workshop

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