Tuesday, March 06, 2012

March 6th forum announcement

Dear Poetry Aficionados,

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It's another trip around the world this week in our News at Eleven section. We start in China, and don't get to the USA until the 10th and 11th links. That first story is about the house arrest of poet and blogger Tsering Woeser. Anything you say about China and its treatment of artists and poets is an understatement, unless you say something like heartless, evil thugs, reckless, uncaring hoodlums who need to be put in their place. And that doesn't quite get there either, does it. Chinese authorities, these punk bullies just keep abusing people, and should not be governing, rather they should be imprisoned.

In the next section, Great Regulars, we have another big showing this week. And that's another journey around the planet and the world of ideas.

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