Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Great Regulars: The second stunner is that,

between that and Burnett's excellent "Commentary" (page 333), we encounter a mass of unpublished work, things Burnett and others have found in papers, letters, the dog-ends of a life. I can see why Larkin held much of it back. Some is unfinished. Some's pretty darn catty. Some exhibits a dismaying sexual immaturity. And some fails to edit out the self-pity spectacularly absent in his best work.

Still: There are some true gems, and it's well worth knocking about among these lesser-knowns.

from John Timpane: The Philadelphia Inquirer: Collected Philip Larkin: A sobering triumph of exquisitely finished poems


[by Scott McVay]


What are maps

from John Timpane: The Philadelphia Inquirer: Scott McVay reads 'Maps': What are maps after all but metaphors?


You could tour visit of these corners of the Philly poetry garden and be lost in delight for days--without leaving your computer screen. Why not go to philly.com's poetry page (see above), and explore an issue of Apiary (born 2010)? It's all Philly, with blogs, photos, vids, and a calendar of local poetry events. Cofounders Lillian Dunn and Tamara Oakman say they started Apiary "because we wanted to showcase this city's huge diversity of literary communities . . . including the spoken-word poets, young people, and new writers who might not usually submit work to a literary magazine."

from John Timpane: The Philadelphia Inquirer: Philly online poetry magazines: A garden of many delights


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