Tuesday, April 24, 2012

News at Eleven (Back Page): [Zafer] Karatay filmed his documentary during

 [Cengiz] Dagci's lifetime, before the poet passed away in September 2011. The 59-minute movie brings back Dagci's memories of growing up under the regime of Josef Stalin and also his testimony of the misery and wretchedness of life in Nazi labor camps. The film first premiered in April 2011, but Karatay emphasizes that, at that time, the movie was not quite finished. He explains that the documentary actually was not complete until Dagci's funeral-- "a wedding with his much beloved homeland"--which saw the poet's body returned to a gravesite in Gruzuf, Crimea after 72 years of homesickness.

from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: Al Jazeera Film Festival To Screen RFE/RL Correspondent's Documentary


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