Tuesday, April 17, 2012

News at Eleven: Wreckage is everywhere in these poems.

In "New Season," it's the bony corpse of a deer. In "Catfish"--which, despite being totally depressing, has to be one of the finest recent American odes to fishing--it's the cadaver of a 1939 Ford coupe that "rests in the muck-bottom" of a river. Kids swim down to the junked car and try to pry off pieces of it.

Which, in a sense, is exactly what [Michael] McGriff is doing, too. He's plunging into the depths of some underground waterway in the American psyche--what's happening to the environment, what's happening to jobs, what's happening to families--and rising to the surface to show us the debris.

from The New York Times: Resting Places


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