Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Great Regulars: The Human Route

Coming empty-handed, going empty-handed, that is human.

from NPR: A Poem for Saturday: The Human Route


Usually when writing, "I think of it as supersaturating a solution," said [Monica] Youn. "You just keep adding things into the beaker until something crystallizes." But today there wasn't time for that. "I think this is the fastest I've ever tried to write a poem," she said.

In the end, she was happy with how it turned out. "I might sub in some things. I was relying too heavily on the online rhyming dictionary," she laughed. But "I'm happy with the overall theme of surveillance, entrapment and fear."

by Monica Youn

from NPR: NewsPoet: Monica Youn Writes The Day In Verse


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