Tuesday, May 01, 2012

News at Eleven: What a pleasure the first Inquirer Poetry Contest was.

We got more than 330 entries, covering a huge range of experience and viewpoint: the birth/life/love/youth/age/death/God thing; gardening; the Mummers; dog birthdays; Charlie Chaplin; divorce and its entertainments; music; love; Philadelphia and its manifold neighborhoods; love; the logarithms of desire; desert landscapes; travel; love. Did we mention love? We had so many good entries that we couldn't print just one winner, so here are three: "Dating Steve," by Liz Matt; "Comments on Frequencies," by Michelle A. Newman; and "Friends Southwestern Burial Ground," by Luke Stromberg.

from The Philadelphia Inquirer: Philly Poetry Scene
or The Philadelphia Inquirer: Entertainment
or The Philadelphia Inquirer: Entertainment


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