Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Great Regulars: And while other poets used structures

to create verses quickly, [Robert] Pinsky's poem was purely his own. "I love form, but I'm not interested in forms," he explained. I've never written a sonnet or a villanelle or a sestina or anything like that. For me it's a kind of line, it's a rhythm, its something musical." Pinsky said that his task was "to find a kind of line that seemed to generate something."

From The River Of News

from Robert Pinsky: NPR: Newspoet: Robert Pinsky Writes The Day In Verse


For the Victorian Englishman, creating the voices of murderous, lustful, and ambitious Italian Renaissance characters was a fertile, exciting source of art. Conflict in the lives of the speakers is amplified and focused by an inner conflict between the attractiveness of these passions and moral rejection of them.

Often, for these Classic Poem introductions, I have tried to present poems that are not familiar from anthologies and textbooks. In contrast, Browning's "My Last Duchess" is a familiar, long-standing favorite of many. This time, the unusual element is the reader on the audio file, the late Mike Wallace.

from Robert Pinsky: Slate: "This Is the Favorite Poem"


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