Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Great Regulars: Nearly 90% of the books reviewed by the

New York Times last year were written by white authors, according to writer Roxane Gay. The statistic was revealed after Gay's research assistant spent 16 hours a week for 14 weeks going through the race and gender of the books reviewed in the New York Times in 2011.

from Alison Flood: The Guardian: Books reviewed in New York Times are 'predominantly by white authors'


New figures from the Booksellers Association show that the number of independent booksellers fell to 1,094 by the end of 2011, down from 1,159 in 2010 and 1,289 in 2009. The 65 casualties last year range from Dartmouth's famous Harbour Bookshop, founded 60 years ago by Christopher Robin Milne, to The Travel Bookshop in Notting Hill, made famous by the Hugh Grant film.

from Alison Flood: The Guardian: Independent bookshops in crisis, as ebook sales rise


The survey, carried out on more than 500 parents of babies by ICM and the Fatherhood Institute on behalf of the charity Booktrust, found that 64% of parents were not reading with their babies at seven months, and that 57% did not own a single book until they received their pack of free titles from Booktrust's Bookstart programme.

from Alison Flood: The Guardian: Two-thirds of parents 'never read to their babies'


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