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June 26 forum announcement

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Today begins "the largest poetry festival ever staged in the UK," kicked off by a rain of poems at the Jubilee Gardens. That's our lead story in News at Eleven, which is also covered by Great Regular Alison Flood. The event is the brainchild of poet Simon Armitage. Our second item is an excerpt from his book Walking Home: Travels With a Troubadour on the Pennine Way. And from there, we go into many different poetic directions in dozens of articles.

The March IBPC results are in, big thanks to John Timpane, a Great Regular for Poetry & Poets in Rags, whose results are splendid, both in the poems he selected, and his commentary. Here they are, and big congrats to the poets and the boards where the poems were workshopped, marvelous work:

1st place: The Lost Daughter, by Laurie Byro, of Desert Moon Review
2nd place: Mood Indigo, by Allen Weber, of FreeWrights Peer Review
3rd place (tie): this poem is not about the charity of the dead,, by Brenda Morisse, of Wild Poetry Forum
3rd place (tie): All Love Is Outlaw, by John Wilks, of The Write Idea
Honorable mention: Cocooned, by Cynthia Neely, of Desert Moon Review
Honorable mention: Across Europe and beyond, by Divina, of PenShells

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