Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June 12th forum announcement

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Natasha Trethewey is the new U.S. Poet Laureate, or Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry. The time of the official term of a poet laureate is from October through May. Natasha will be the first Poet Laureate to take up residency in the Poets Room in Washington D.C. She will be there from January through May. But I'm saying too much. There are other very special aspects of her being the laureate. We begin News at Eleven with nine links to items about her. Each article is different from the others. Indeed, the last four have individual poems not found in any other linked item. Furthermore, our Great Regulars section begins with Jeffrey Brown covering this story for PBS Newshour. In alphabetical order, Alison Flood then covers it for The Guardian. Scrolling down further, Charles McGrath covers it for the New York Times.

There is so much more in the news about poets and poetry this week, important stuff. I'll leave it all to your discovery and let you get to opening the pages. Thanks for clicking in.


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