Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Great Regulars: Researchers at the Joan Ganz Cooney Center

in New York worked with 32 pairs of parents and their three to six-year-old children for the small study, Print Books vs Ebooks, which gave each family a print book and either a basic ebook or an enhanced ebook version of the same title. Enhanced ebooks were found to distract children from the story, and their bells and whistles prevented children from remembering as many narrative details.

from Alison Flood: The Guardian: Enhanced ebooks are bad for children finds American study


[Natasha Trethewey] first turned to poetry when she was in college, after her mother was killed by her stepfather. "I started writing poems as a response to that great loss, much the way that people responded, for example, after 9/11," she told the Associated Press.

"People who never had written poems or turned much to poetry turned to it at that moment because it seems like the only thing that can speak the unspeakable."

from Alison Flood: The Guardian: Natasha Trethewey named US poet laureate


[Ray] Bradbury's "gift for storytelling", said Obama, "reshaped our culture and expanded our world", but the author "also understood that our imaginations could be used as a tool for better understanding, a vehicle for change, and an expression of our most cherished values. There is no doubt that Ray will continue to inspire many more generations with his writing, and our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends."

Obama's praise follows a host of other eulogies.

from Alison Flood: The Guardian: Ray Bradbury's influence on our culture was transformative, says Barack Obama


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