Tuesday, October 30, 2012

News at Eleven: After going through the villages of Burwarton and

Cleobury North, bear left under Abdon Burf ("Burf"--another Saxon word meaning "fort" or "hill-fort", now simply meaning "hill"), to the tiny ancient hamlet of Abdon. Just before the hamlet is the beautiful Norman Abdon church. If you go through the little wicket gate in the churchyard you will see the remains of Abdon's medieval village as earthworks in the field.

Wenlock Edge was umbered,
And bright was Abdon Burf,
And warm between them slumbered
The smooth green miles of turf;

Turn right in Abdon village and then bear left in the village of Tugford, following the signs back to Ludlow.

from Union Jack: A.E. Housman's Shropshire


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