Tuesday, October 16, 2012

News at Eleven (Back Page): The large performance hall

was comfortably full and the discourse instantly different from what we had left outside. Eavan Boland pointed the audience to Yeats's "The Circus Animals' Desertion," and the moment of realization that the speaker was the ringmaster. Henri Cole read in almost one breath Sylvia Plath's "Balloons," saying after how from beginning to end, he had the sense of holding a bare live wire. These were responses to a request from the audience that the poets share an exemplary simile or metaphor that worked profoundly for them.

from The Best American Poetry: Dispatch from Dodge (Poetry Festival) by Madge McKeithen
then The Star-Ledger: Patricia Smith is a must-see as Dodge Poetry Festival begins final day at NJPAC
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then The Star-Ledger: Irish poet Eavan Boland to focus on work about identity in Dodge Poetry Festival debut


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