Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 30th forum announcement

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Somalian poet Wasame Awale has been shot to death. Poet Mohammed Ibn al-Dheeb is being tried in secret in Qatar for a poem he wrote. Donald Hall writes about a "lifetime of poetry readings". But we and the world of poetry, as reflected in the articles from around the globe, begin in celebration and reflection, honoring Sylvia Plath, whose 80th birthday was this past Saturday. These stories are just four of the eleven in News at Eleven. We have all of Great Regulars and Poetic Obituaries sections that follow as well.

More to celebrate: September's winning poems are in, with big thanks to InterBoard Poetry Community judge Troy Jollimore. Congratulations to the following poets and boards:

First Place: Eating the Black Dog, by Fred Longworth, of The Write Idea

Second Place: The mail comes, by Catherine Whiteley, of Wild Poetry Forum

Third Place: Walking Through Chicory, by Christopher T. George, of FreeWrights Peer Review

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