Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Great Regulars: Judge Bennett confesses that it had not

occurred to him until he was on his death bed that his young wife, Jenny, had deliberately tried to kill him by engaging him in too much sexual activity.

The young Jenny literally "loved him to death."  Euphemizing lascivious marital relations as "love," the judge, nevertheless, now realizes that her intention had nothing to do with love and affection but with "with malice of heart."

from Linda Sue Grimes: Suite101.com: Edgar Lee Masters' "Hon. Henry Bennett"


No doubt the profundity of the speaker's experience after eating some poetry.

The speaker reports that the librarian screams after he gets down on his knees and licks her hand.  Turns out, he has become one of the eye-rolling, legs-on-fire dogs that bounded up from the library basement.  He seems to find her screaming eerily inappropriate, despite the wacky behavior on his part.

from Linda Sue Grimes: Suite101.com: Mark Strand's "Eating Poetry"


[Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Balkhī] was actually born in what today is known as Afghanistan on September 30, 1207.

A following sample of his mystical poetry, "On God," offers the exact message that all mystics embrace, that God is everything and all His creations are "connected with to one another."

from Linda Sue Grimes: Suite101.com: The Persian Mystic, Rumi


The speaker reports, somewhat astonished, that he happened upon a white spider that was grasping and holding aloft a white moth and both were situated on a "white heal-all."  He describes the event as "assorted characters of death and blight," because of the eerie feeling such an unlikely sight has given him.

from Linda Sue Grimes: Suite101.com: Robert Frost's "Design"


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