Tuesday, November 13, 2012

News at Eleven: 'Many people think war is a continuous horror

but you don't face a continual barrage of bullets.

'There were quiet times in the trenches, when I was just sitting and waiting.

'It was at times like this that I pulled out my pocket book and wrote about the irony and tragedy of war as I saw it.

'I was not writing for an audience but did hope my poems would be published one day.

'I sent them to my mum to look after because I knew there was a risk I would fail to make it home.'

[--Dennis B. Wilson]

from Daily Mail: War poet, 91, gets book deal 68 years after scribbling verse in his pocket book during D-Day landings
then BBC News: Southampton WWII poet discovered after 70 years
then Southern Daily Echo: Extract from Elegy of a Common Soldier, by Dennis B. Wilson:
then Blurb: Book Preview: Elegy of a Common Soldier and Other Poems


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Jeremy Norton said...

There is nothing good in war. Broken homes and shattered families, nice post.