Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Poetic Obituaries: [Professor Mohammad Azam Azam] was a writer

known for unique style and for having introduced and contributed to modern literary trends both in subjects and style in Pashto prose and poetry.

Among his books are Pashto Afsana, Tahqeeq Auo Tanqeed, Pashto Adab Ke Kerdarnigaaree, Lashey, Rehman Baba Da Ulas Shair, Pukhtanee Romanoonah, Da Aqidat Guloona, and Andazoonah.

Radio Pakistan, Peshawar and PTV, Peshawar Centre aired more than 500 songs and ghazals of Professor Azam.

from Dawn: Pashto writer Prof Azam passes away


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