Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November 20th forum announcement

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Again we begin with the sentencing of a poet in China. This time, it's Li Bifeng on trumped up and apparently illegal charges. This story is followed by a call for the release of Filipino poet Ericson Acosta.

We also have stories that are covered in more than one section. Last week, we had the first items on the death of Jack Gilbert. This week, the tributes started to flow, and you will find them in our Poetic Obituaries section. But in Great Regulars, both Granta and PBS Newshour bring out his poetry in tribute.

Our Back Page item in News at Eleven is about a rant that poet Franz Wright made on Facebook, as reported by the New York Daily News. This is follow directly by David Biespiel's take on it in The Rumpus.

Also getting dual section coverage, and for a second week, is the death of Valerie Eliot, T.S.'s second wife, one article which you will find in Poetic Obituaries. The other is in News at Eleven, which relates how we should now find out more of his relationship with his first wife, Vivienne.

We have one poem prepared especially for Thanksgiving, my favorite U.S. holiday. Our Great Regular Ted Kooser publishes Tim Nolan's poem called, well, Thanksgiving. We do link to other seasonal poetry, but the other food poem is Alfred Corn's Dinner Theater in Slate.

Speaking of thanks, thanks to IBPC's new judge for the fall months, the remarkable Polina Barskova! Her results for October are in and up. Congratulations! to the poets who wrote them and the boards where they were workshopped:

First place: An almost kiss by Henry L. Shifrin of Wild Poetry Forum

Second place: The Gray Wolf by Douglas Pugh of The Write Idea

Third place: The Butterfly Effect by Chris Freifeld of Delectable Mnts

And thank you for clicking in.


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