Tuesday, April 16, 2013

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Stag's Leap by Sharon Olds, which in the past year has received more good press than any other poetry book, has now just earned her a Pulitzer. This is our top story in News at Eleven.

It is followed by the story of David Wevill's papers showing up for auction without his okay. He was married to Assia Wevill who became the common law wife of Ted Hughes who was married to Sylvia Plath, the latter relationship being a big reason the writings might pull a pretty penny. His objection to their being auctioned is in the first of two links, the second is a later story with resolution.

Today is the day after the Boston Marathon bombings, so I cannot move on, without mentioning that Dan Chiasson has presented a poem for Boston in the New Yorker. That's on the Back Page of News at Eleven.

I clicked the wrong button in the Blogger dashboard, and with no preview to warn me, the Google people have Blogger programmed such that the blog can be dramatically changed. All sidebar poetry links are missing. I spent years collecting and ordering them. The entire color scheme is a flat white and gray now. And Blogger will not accept the template that I have been using all along. They are also not getting back to me on this issue.

We have many more stories than the three mentioned above, spread out in our three sections: News at Eleven, Great Regulars, and Poetic Obituaries. I'll let you get to your reading, and thanks for clicking in.


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