Tuesday, April 23, 2013

News at Eleven: Hermes is a mysterious man in a silver tuxedo

who shows up every now and then to guide them. Io--the nymph turned into a cow by Zeus, then maddened by Hera's gadfly--is the loveliest member of G's herd, a sexy musk ox:

"She is a beast constructed for smooth striding. Now long pelvic muscles organize her and the vast loosejointed shoulders glide forward into movement."

[Anne] Carson has, over the years, moved closer to bizarreness for the sake of bizarreness--but she still pulls it off, mainly because the impulse behind it is mischief. "Can I get away with this?" she seems to ask. And she does--because it's fun.

from The New York Times: Other Labyrinths


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