Tuesday, February 14, 2012

News at Eleven (Back Page): To the [Philip] Larkin reject pile already

published, this book's editor, Prof Archie Burnett, assiduously upending and scraping the waste-paper basket, has added a slew of further failures. The work of this most discriminating of poets has come to resemble a midden in which virtually any surviving scrap resembling verse--whether baby-talking valentine or bawdy-talking satire--has been methodically deposited and industriously annotated; the plump poet is treated as a golden goose from which every last tail feather must be plucked.

from Irish Times: Scraping the bottom of the waste paper basket
then Humanities: "Moving and Memorable"
then The Irish Independent: Review: Poetry: The Complete Poems by Philip Larkin Edited by Archie Burnett


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