Tuesday, February 14, 2012

News at Eleven: In his best poems he [Peter Redgrove]

effortlessly conveys a sense of teeming, overspilling, self-delighting creation. "On the Patio" describes a wineglass left out in a thunderstorm: the speaker sees the glass "overflowing with thunderwater" and imagines "The cloud crushed into a glass". The poem ends exhilaratingly: "Suddenly I dart out into the patio,/Snatch the bright glass up and drain it,/Bang it down on the thundery steel table for a refill." Redgrove sounds as though he has imbibed creation itself. The poem is a dare to be more alive to the possibilities of the world and the language in which we live.

from The Guardian: Collected Poems by Peter Redgrove--review


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