Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Great Regulars: As for [Trayvon] Martin,

[Anthony R.] DePalma says, "I'm using to teach my students how to approach news in which all sides take extreme positions." Harper says, "That's a case where everybody needs to take two steps back and let the investigation determine the truth."

Kony may well be evil. Foxconn has issues. It's wrong for a man, in public trust or not, to "sext" unsuspecting women. And the killing of an unarmed teen stirs understandable emotions. But does being on "the right side" get you off the hook for sideswiping the truth?

from John Timpane: The Philadelphia Inquirer: The search for 'truthiness' in today's media world


Family seders created wonderful memories. "They're precious--the only time of the year when my extended family gathers at the table to discuss the biggest of all themes and the hardest of all questions."

Still, [Jonathan Safran] Foer began to wonder: "Is a seder good enough if it creates nice memories, or is there more? Can it change us? Question who we are? Activate a personal, familial, communal ambition?" Such questions spurred the idea of a new Haggadah, and the nine years of study.

from John Timpane: The Philadelphia Inquirer: This Haggadah is different


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