Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Great Regulars: Exciting times in reader-reviewing.

This week I've spotted a review in verse. Yes! A review in the form of a sonnet--Shakespearean to be precise--four quatrains and a couplet. The book under consideration deals with the events of 1536--a year chiefly notable for containing within it the execution of Anne Boleyn--which does, of course, make the choice of the Shakespearean sonnet slightly anachronistic (the great man wouldn't make his appearance on the world stage for another three decades).

from Sarah Crown: The Guardian: Reader reviews roundup


So far, we've populated the map with landmarks we know of, and the emporia we've been told about, but really, for it to come alive, we need you--whether you're a shop owner, event organiser or simply a lover of literature--to get involved. Proprietors can add a description of their bookshop to the map, book buyers can contribute reviews of shops they've visited, and anyone can add details of a forthcoming literary event or a bookish landmark.

from Sarah Crown: The Guardian: The Guardian launches an interactive literary map of the UK


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