Tuesday, October 02, 2012

News at Eleven: The new poem [by Günter Grass], "Hero,"

is a panegyric to Mordechai Vanunu, who spent 18 years in an Israeli prison for revealing the secrets of its nuclear program in a 1986 Sunday Times of London article. Grass calls Vanunu a "paragon," according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. "Heroes such as that are needed in the world, which utters words of peace while planning destruction," Grass writes in the poem.

Those words are sure to be read in Tel Aviv as a rebuke of the hawkish Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has indicated that force could well be used to prevent Iran from attaining nuclear weapons.

from New York Daily News: Günter Grass goes after Israel again
then European Jewish Press: Gunter Grass hails Israeli nuclear spy in new poem


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