Tuesday, October 02, 2012

News at Eleven: Q. What kind of person

was Harriet Monroe? What were the qualities that allowed her to get Poetry off the ground?

Wiman: She was very flinty and bold. It took a lot of gumption for a woman to start up a magazine. Her aim was to create a place for poetry that was somehow equal to the venues that had been made for the other arts in Chicago--the Opera House, the Art Institute and so on.

Share: She was also involved with Edwin Muir and the Sierra Club--she was a mountain-climber, and actually died on Machu Picchu, where there's a monument to her--and so she was very tough. She liked to argue with famous poets.

from Chicago Sun-Times: 100 years of Poetry magazine
then Chicago Sun-Times: 100 years of Poetry magazine: Photo gallery


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