Tuesday, October 09, 2012

News at Eleven: "This is the poetry of the daughter of the dictator

Ilham Aliyev. Look what we are coming to. This is the method of poisoning our children. We should protest as much as we can," [Zaur] Qurbanli wrote of the poem.

Qurbanli also helped organize a leaflet campaign calling on Azerbaijanis to vote Aliyev out of office in next year's presidential election. The leaflet, from the youth opposition group Nida, where Qurbanli is a board member, features a silhouette of Aliyev in profile and the words, "I will go in 2013 if you join Nida."

Now, it seems, the Azerbaijani government has had enough.

On September 29, plainclothes policemen seized Qurbanli outside Nida's headquarters in Baku and escorted back inside.

from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: What's Behind The Latest Jailing Of An Azerbaijani Blogger?
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