Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Poetic Obituaries: For years, therefore, Valerie Fletcher's

office hours were consecrated simply to earning a formidable reputation for efficiency.

"I can't get to know her at all," [T.S.] Eliot complained to Mary Trevelyan as late as 1955, "she shuts up like a clam." After their marriage he would acknowledge that for a long time he was not even sure that she liked him. He had no notion that, outside the office, the discreet secretary was building up a collection of his works that rivalled his own. In whatever way the breakthrough was made, once Eliot had discerned Valerie Fletcher's unconditional love he did not hesitate.

It is said that he proposed by slipping a note into a batch of letters which he gave her for typing.

from Telegraph: Valerie Eliot
then The Guardian: Valerie Eliot's death deprives poetry of its strongest advocate
then The New York Times: Valerie Eliot, Wife and Editor of T. S. Eliot, Dies at 86
then Daily Mail: T.S. Eliot's widow dies age 86 after working to preserve poet husband's legacy for decades after his death


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