Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Great Regulars: Magyar Narancs: Your poetry has a definite

political tone. Why do you think that a poem is a more effective tool for changing society than an essay or a well-written speech?

E. Ethelbert Miller: Because it is much more memorable. Honestly, how many political speeches have you heard in your life that you could still remember their message? A poem is easier to remember because of the repetition, the alliteration, the rhythm, and all the other stylistic features. Moreover, poetry slows us down in this fast paced world. It requires patience, which is the basis of any kind of learning process. If you look at a poem and you don't get its message, read it again! I always say that poetry is like weight lifting: it requires strength and it keeps you in shape.

from E. Ethelbert Miller: E-notes: Obama as a smartphone


[by E. Ethelbert Miller]

The Permanent Files of P.S. 39

When I was in the 5th grade

from E. Ethelbert Miller: E-notes: The Permanent Files of P.S. 39


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