Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Great Regulars: They only have the "masses,"

with Chinese characteristics, who can only either be onlookers outside the government, or followers within the government. And even the forces exerted by the latter group are largely there for show. So, when we examine the performance of this transition, it is better to look at it in real terms, from the transition in the Party, rather than from the transitional formalities observed by government bodies.

When the characters in a Beijing opera take the stage, they have certain prescribed movements across the stage, a bright-eyed expression, and they recite their poetic lines by heart. The aim is to put on a good and colorful show.

from Luisetta Mudie: Radio Free Asia: Chinese Politics or Beijing Opera?


China's Internet censors have deleted a satirical song and video that took a swipe at President Xi Jinping's new political slogan, "the Chinese dream," its creator said.

Li Lei, who is known online for his satirical song videos, including one hitting out at corrupt and lazy officials and another in support of the 2011 popular uprising in Egypt, called his latest song "the people's take" on Xi's new theme.

"It was posted online [on Friday], and this one was pretty popular," said Li, who collaborated with poet "Qianli Fengxue" on the lyrics.

from Luisetta Mudie: Radio Free Asia: Censors Delete 'China Dream' Song


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