Tuesday, April 09, 2013

News at Eleven: By the age of 35, [Emily] Dickinson

was no longer going to church--or to town.

We began our house tour in the exhibit room of the Homestead where a painting of the three children shows Emily with flaming red hair, and her brother with a more subdued shade of red. "Emily had red, red hair" said Ruth Jones, although the one image we have of the poet is from a daguerreotype taken of her when she was but 16; in it, her hair looks dark. Although Emily and her sister, Lavinia, had marriage proposals when they were in their late teens, they turned down the suitors. Late in life Emily was courted by a widower but again, refused his proposal.

Susan Gilbert, Emily's best friend, ultimately married Austin, her older brother, prompting the poet to rejoice that she then had a second sister.

from Journal Inquirer: A visit to the home of America's poet, Emily Dickinson


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