Tuesday, April 09, 2013

News at Eleven: "There were three main voices who could

have continued the Allende legacy," said Eduardo Contreras, a Chilean lawyer who has been pushing for a thorough investigation of Neruda's death.

"There was Allende, Víctor Jara [the folk singer] and Pablo Neruda. Allende died on the day of the coup, Jara soon after, the only one left was Neruda. Why not eliminate the third symbol? I can't assure that he was killed or who might have done it, but there are too many suspicious acts [not to investigate]."

The Pablo Neruda Foundation, which manages the poet's estate, has fought the exhumation order and claims that Araya's charges of murder are not believable. "It doesn't seem reasonable to build a new version of the death of the poet based only on the opinions of his driver," a statement said.

from The Guardian: Chilean poet Pablo Neruda's body to be exhumed over murder claims
then The Guardian: Pablo Neruda: Chile's beloved poet endures, as do questions over his death
then U.S. News & World Report: Pablo Neruda Exhumed: WikiLeaks Docs Show Concern About 'Liberty and Safety' of Chilean Poet After Coup


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